The Loneliness of Singledom

When a spouse passes away, the survivor is often left feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Single people have to struggle with the daily loneliness due to missing their spouse, but those who have children face an even more difficult struggle. They realize they are the only person left to really parent their children, and they are willing to make a great many sacrifices to be both mother and father to them. Out of respect for their missing spouse, they usually refuse to even consider dating for at least a year. Once that time is up, it is often the children who try to push them back into the world of dating. Unfortunately, many of them choose not to date because they feel it is wrong.

When a year has passed

The majority of societies in the world see a year as the unofficial mourning period for spouses and family members, but emotions can run too deep for the recovery period to be that short. Spouses who were deeply in love or someone who lost their loved one due to a tragedy can feel unready to face a new relationship, so family and friends should not try to push them to find someone new. They might never be ready, but being understanding for the first few years is the support they will need if they are to get into a relationship again without the tension caused by being pushed too soon.

Supporting the children

When children lose a parent, they require a great deal of understanding and support. Younger children will often be frightened that their remaining parent will leave, and it takes a great deal of work to convince them this will not occur. Even older children may experience the same feeling, but they do understand rationally that it is unlikely their remaining parent will disappear. Many of the surviving parents believe it is best not to upset their children, so they put off dating. It can be an excuse for some, but others truly believe their children need them as a single parent more than they need a stranger to suddenly be a part of their lives causing them to become stressed.

The time to begin dating

A person who has taken a break from dating for any reason might feel a lack of confidence that stresses them out, but there is professional help available to get them started on the right track. A few easy clicks on the computer can set a person up with a dating agency for a fun date, and they will be able to schedule a date to help them get over the nervous feeling of starting over again. There is no concern that they will make a mistake, and a stranger can help them overcome their feelings of inadequacy.

It is difficult to begin life again after a spouse is gone, and raising children often means the surviving parent be alone for many years before they begin dating. For those who feel they might experience difficulties connecting with another person, there is help available in many support groups. Some are online, and others meet on a regular basis. They and their children might find there is a whole new world for them to explore within a new relationship.