Surviving the Process of Wedding Planning

When a couple announced they have become engaged, life is full of wonder and excitement. Many brides and grooms are happy to let everyone know they have made the decision to marry, and their friends and family are as elated as they are at the prospect of a wedding. All goes well until the actual plans begin to be announced by the couple, and that is often where the stress in their relationship begins. By the time the date approaches, both of them can feel frustrated, tense and nervous. They wonder if their relationship will survive long enough for them to even attend the wedding, and it becomes a survival situation for some.

Help from family

Friends and family often feel they should have their own say in how the wedding should proceed, and this often causes a great deal of tension to those getting married. Parents are often the loudest voice, but their ideas of the how the event should go do not always match that of their children. When they are pushed by parents to do something in a particular way, their partner might not agree. It causes tension between the couple, and refusal to follow a parent’s wishes can cause tension between future in-laws. All of this adds up to a couple being embroiled in arguments over what others want, and they need to stay focused on what they want for their special day.

Friends who mean well

For many younger couples, their friends are often those who have supported them throughout any battles against their family. Friends are often the first people who volunteer to help with wedding plans, but their ideas do not always match those of the bride and groom. It is difficult to refuse their assistance, and many couples have found it frustrating when a friend tries to take over the plans for their wedding day. They will need to learn how to gently say no, or their marriage might be sunk before it even begins.

Overcoming common hurdles

Each wedding is as unique as the couple who is getting married, but there are many common issues they will face. Getting the perfect venue for both the ceremony and the reception can be difficult, and it takes a great deal of planning for everything to work out just right. Couples who expect their day to be perfect are letting themselves in for a disappointment, so they need to be prepared for a few things to go wrong. A sense of humour is the best way for them to get past the frustrations that come with detailed planning and execution of a large event of this nature. Money is also a worry and hiring professionals like a Birmingham wedding photographer or a bridal makeup artist Manchester can be costly. One way around this is to enlist the help for friends - maybe someone can be the DJ for the night, or some uncles can be the photographers Birmingham for the day.

Many couples have found that planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things they will ever do together, and they seldom find the stress abating until after the day is done. Those who go into it with a sense of humour will find they do not experience as much stress as others, and making alternate plans for things that can go wrong will help them survive the day. No matter what their plans are, they need to remember that this day is a celebration of the beginning of their life together.